show and tell assignment 7

show and tell assignment 7

This week for show and tell, I chose to examine, a website for local Chicago/South Suburban rapper, Femdot. This site appears to be a good example of having a good mobile layout, but a desktop layout that could be improved. As the webpage grows and shrinks, it is responsive, but the desktop view has elements that overlap and flex in awkward ways such as the header and menu items on the top on the page. The page as a whole is designed very well, and it seems to fit together the best as a mobile site where the menu items stack and expand.

When I had first looked at the desktop site, I had assumed the layout had multiple pages with one stylesheet. Upon further inspection, I had discovered the site updated it’s desktop to more of a one-page layout. This incorporates the content in a stacked manner with clickable dots at the left side of the screen to navigate to different parts of the homepage. The one other page that this website includes is its merch page. I had thought that by clicking an item of merch on the homepage where “merch” is listed above, that it would enlarge. However it linked to an entirely different page with all the merch enlarged. From then on, the images themselves have separate pages. All things considered, it’s a really clean layout. Some small issues in my opinion would be the lack of a back to top function, as well as the need for a contact, music and video page as fleshed-out as the merch page rather than external links and embeds.


show and tell 6

show and tell assignment 6

This week, I chose to look at a classmate’s portfolio site because he had told me about it through this really clean business card he designed. His name is Jamari Wilson and his brand is Busiieman, and his portfolio site happens to follow this very clean aesthetic. It feels much akin to an instagram layout in a timeline format. Hover animations make the site feel alive but they don’t take away from the layout. I also enjoy how each picture in his work page expands with clean captions.


show and tell 5


For show and tell this week, I chose another fashion website from Japanese designer, Yohji Yamamoto. Yamamoto is known for very minimal designs and simple silhouettes. Most everything he makes is in black and I suppose his website’s homepage reflects that. The  layout is very clean, at least until you see the bottom screen where two elements kind of overlap, but this is a small problem.

Another thing that confuses me is how navigating to each separate part of the web page makes a new window rather than simply going to another page. I found myself opening two extra windows just to get back to the home page.

…And then it hits me, I came here with mindset of a consumer looking to buy some Yamamoto pieces online, or perhaps look at some lookbooks, and instinctively clicked the button above because it read ‘the shop’, however it appeared to lead to his collections of work to be announced in the future.

I had mistaken the two huge blocks in the middle of the page for the logo, and with the hover animations on them being so small, it’s rather easy to miss, at least for me.

These two links in the middle of the page lead to a couple of cleaner layouts that are well-organized in this vertical fashion which feels more like what I thought the main site might look like for a store or a catalog-style layout.


show and tell 4

show and  tell assignment 4

The reason I picked this website is because of the customize page. This type of page for shoes and clothes isn’t the only one of its kind, but it’s definitely a cleaner one i’ve seen. One thing I like is how you can hover over parts of the shoe you’re customizing and they highlight. I wasn’t sure just what was used in the stylesheet for the animations on the shoe. I believe, nike and converse have similar layouts, but I don’t think this one allows you to zoom. When you click on different parts of a shoe, the site takes you to where you can customize it. It’s altogether very intuitive.


show and tell 3

show and tell assignment 3


The reason i picked this website, much like the show and tells before, is partly due to its simple layouts. For some reason, as I was loading certain pages of the site up on my computer, it took a long time. I had presumed this was either due to my computer or the images themselves but i chose to inquire about this more in class on the subject of image optimization. But the structure of this site is altogether straightforward which creates a neat aesthetic. I’d ultimately like to learn how to create layouts where it’s really clear where everything goes.