show and tell 6

show and tell assignment 6

This week, I chose to look at a classmate’s portfolio site because he had told me about it through this really clean business card he designed. His name is Jamari Wilson and his brand is Busiieman, and his portfolio site happens to follow this very clean aesthetic. It feels much akin to an instagram layout in a timeline format. Hover animations make the site feel alive but they don’t take away from the layout. I also enjoy how each picture in his work page expands with clean captions.


show and tell 5


For show and tell this week, I chose another fashion website from Japanese designer, Yohji Yamamoto. Yamamoto is known for very minimal designs and simple silhouettes. Most everything he makes is in black and I suppose his website’s homepage reflects that. TheĀ  layout is very clean, at least until you see the bottom screen where two elements kind of overlap, but this is a small problem.

Another thing that confuses me is how navigating to each separate part of the web page makes a new window rather than simply going to another page. I found myself opening two extra windows just to get back to the home page.

…And then it hits me, I came here with mindset of a consumer looking to buy some Yamamoto pieces online, or perhaps look at some lookbooks, and instinctively clicked the button above because it read ‘the shop’, however it appeared to lead to his collections of work to be announced in the future.

I had mistaken the two huge blocks in the middle of the page for the logo, and with the hover animations on them being so small, it’s rather easy to miss, at least for me.

These two links in the middle of the page lead to a couple of cleaner layouts that are well-organized in this vertical fashion which feels more like what I thought the main site might look like for a store or a catalog-style layout.


show and tell 4

show andĀ  tell assignment 4

The reason I picked this website is because of the customize page. This type of page for shoes and clothes isn’t the only one of its kind, but it’s definitely a cleaner one i’ve seen. One thing I like is how you can hover over parts of the shoe you’re customizing and they highlight. I wasn’t sure just what was used in the stylesheet for the animations on the shoe. I believe, nike and converse have similar layouts, but I don’t think this one allows you to zoom. When you click on different parts of a shoe, the site takes you to where you can customize it. It’s altogether very intuitive.


show and tell 3

show and tell assignment 3


The reason i picked this website, much like the show and tells before, is partly due to its simple layouts. For some reason, as I was loading certain pages of the site up on my computer, it took a long time. I had presumed this was either due to my computer or the images themselves but i chose to inquire about this more in class on the subject of image optimization. But the structure of this site is altogether straightforward which creates a neat aesthetic. I’d ultimately like to learn how to create layouts where it’s really clear where everything goes.


Competitive Analysis


Competitive Analysis:


  • Chicago Soul Search
  • The purpose of the website is to cover local artists and designers in the Chicagoland area. Typical users would probably be college kids, promoters, music enthusiasts, or indie bands and musicians whose friends are probably featured on the site.
  • Each link in the menu as well as down in the highlighted content goes to the proper place Everything is functional and cleanly arranged.
  • There are not a lot of scroll animations or ways to make this website feel a bit more lively. Navigating through the page could feel a bit stagnant. There are no hover animations on the menu items up top.
  • I need to make sure that my website has some good scroll animations and is arranged in a simple way that showcases the content well.


  • Rising Sounds
  • This site is meant to showcase the work of local underground artists. As openly mentioned on the main page, it promises to showcase a new artist every week. Typical users could be children or young adults. They would have to be fans of these local artists and traffic to the site would most likely be from external links rather than them seeking out the main page specifically.
  • The background video animations work really well in this site and make the layout interesting. It works especially well on the artists page.
  • Some elements on the main page distract. The main page must have a fixed height due to some box element, because as I continue to scroll down on it, I don’t see any content. Perhaps it was meant to be filled later.
  • I need to make sure that my background video elements sit properly in my stylesheet if I plan to use them, and I’d like to go for the simplicity that this webpage offers in its artist section, but perhaps with some more decent hovers on them.



  • The Place For Things
  • This place appears to be a graphic design agency that offers services in photography, film, logo design and branding amongst other things. The video animation in the main page suggests that a good portion of their clientele might me musicians. Young adults as well as some elder looking for graphic designers might come here looking for assistance on a project. Young musicians could possibly be on here as well.
  • The information on this page is presented in a nice stacked scroll manner, and the content all seems to follow some sort of grid system.
  • Not sure if it’s the browser or the page itself, but the string of logos at the top kind of clip off at the search bar; SoundCloud, Twitter, etc. This is nothing some padding won’t fix.
  • I plan to make some separate pages to lead to different events that YCA is affiliated with, such as perhaps the Columbia-sponsored LTAB and also perhaps highlight some different regular artists who go to YCA as well as staff, so I need to find a grid system that can allow for a lot of different elements to coexist on it and perhaps expand or reveal more on hover.



  • Music Garage
  • This website offers venues for musicians to practice, record and perform. Typical users could be young adult musicians and music enthusiasts or promoters.
  • All of the links for the menu items definitely function correctly and go to their proper locations…
  • …but the menu bar also feels a bit clunky with the two rows worth of options.
  • I like how the main page just has everything situated on it cleanly so you can navigate to as many parts of the site as possible from right there. This in mind, I feel menu items and navigation options need to be a bit more simple so as not to overwhelm the user.



  • Hip Hop Undead
  • The purpose of this website is to promote underground indie hip hop artists as well as write articles on the hip hop community at large. The typical user could be a young adult blogger given the site’s very clean and timeline-like appearance.
  • I like that the main page has a timeline of posts that go further and further on scroll. The twitter feed to the far right is also a nice touch and make the website really feel like it’s staying current.
  • I’m not sure if this site uses an blog engine like wordpress to generate the styles for the site, but if so, it would probably show in the text and the tab icon for the page. The tab icon doesn’t do a good job of conveying that this is a site about underground hip hop, and the serif text comes off as a bit bland given the subject matter of the site. I feel a serif font could work better and stick out more.
  • I need to make sure the website I make looks as fresh and lively as this one. This is achieved through interesting placement of elements, particularly the blog posts. Their slide-up-on-scroll animations make you want to click on them and ultimately gives the website more energy.


show and tell assignment 2

The reason I picked this site for show and tell is because I like how the photos and products are displayed. I just wish there were more animations on the main page to make the site feel a bit more interactive, but it’s still a clean site. By animations I mean slideshows to perhaps show more content. The zoom animations on the pages of each separate item are cool too. However, I can also respect not wanting to give too much of the site’s content away at the start.


show and tell assignment 1

show and tell assignment

The reason I picked this site for show and tell is because I like how cleanly the information is presented. It’s nice and minimal, and the photography complements it nice. The other links lead to menus where the scroll animations for the pictures look smooth and crisp. I wish that for the collections tab there were a different page style. Perhaps the whole site could appear as one big animated slideshow of their work whereas the navigation options for the items inside that artist’s collaborative collection could appear in a <nav> inside a separate <div>.